ANYLOAD RBXS Stainless Steel Load Cell Shackle | Tacuna Systems

The ANYLOAD RBXS Stainless Steel Shackle is used industry-wide for connecting crane rigging systems.

Along with rated capacities of 1.5t and 5t, this high tensile shackle product meets ISO2415-2004.


SKU: AL-RBXS Category:
Weight 1 lbs


Key Features

• High tensile shackle
• SS304 corrosion resistant material
• Rated Work Capacities: 1.5t, 5t
• Test Load: 200% of rated capacity
• Breaking Load: 400% of rated capacity
• Performance Requirements Meet: ISO2415-2004

Available options: RBSX-1500kg, RBSX-5000kg

Other capacities and configurations available – please contact us with any questions about this load cell shackle.


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