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ANYLOAD MCC Cable Connector

ANYLOAD MCC Cable Connectors are available in 3, 5 or 8 pin connectors.

With a waterproof in-line design, the MCC cable connectors are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.


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Key Features

  • Contacts: 3 pin, 5 pin, 8 pin
  • In line design
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • 1mm pin diameter
  • Internal strain relief
  • Snap-in locking system
  • Quick-release cable connector

Available options: MCC-3-Pin, MCC-5-Pin, MCC-8-Pin

Other capacities and configurations availableplease contact us with any product inquiries.

MCC Cable Connector Specifications
Part No.MCC-3-PinMCC-5-PinMCC-8-Pin
No. of Contacts358
Gauge in sq. mmMax. 0.75Max. 0.75Max. 0.25
Gauge in AWGMax. 20Max. 20Max. 24
Pin Diameter1mm1mm1mm
Male Cable Outlet4mm-6mm4mm-6mm4mm-6mm
Female Cable Outlet4mm-6mm4mm-6mm4mm-6mm
Nominal Temperature40°C to 80°C/-40°F to 176°F40°C to 80°C/-40°F to 176°F40°C to 80°C/-40°F to 176°F
Contact Resistance3MΩ3MΩ3MΩ
Insulation Resistance≤1010Ω≤1010Ω≤1010Ω
Shell ProtectionIP67IP67IP67
Mechanical Operation>500 Mating Cycles>500 Mating Cycles>500 Mating Cycles
Pin ContactBrass / CuZnBrass / CuZnBrass / CuZn
Socket ContactBronze / CuSnBronze / CuSnBronze / CuSn
Contact PlatingGold / AuGold / AuGold / Au
Locking SystemSnap-inSnap-inSnap-in