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ANYLOAD FSP4X4 Mild Steel Floor Scale

The FSP4X4 mild steel certified floor scale finds many applications in rough industrial environments where it is used for pallet weight measurements, barrel and drum weighing, cart weighing, warehouse weighing applications, and so on.


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Key Features

  • Mild steel construction
  • 5mm thick deck plate with checkered safety tread
  • Steel grid channel frame
  • Powder coated with high quality industrial paint
  • Supplied with aluminum junction box and 4 swivel feet
  • Factory finished corner error adjustment
  • NTEP 1:6 000 Class III, Multiple Cell certified load cells from 1Klb-10Klb
  • NTEP 1:3 500 Class III, Single Cell certified load cells from 1Klb-10Klb
  • CE, RoHS and ExNepsi certified load cells
  • Meaurement Ukraine certified load cells
  • Measurement Canada certified floor scales: 3×3-5Klb, 3×4-5Klb, 4×4-5Klb

Available options: FSP4X4-1000lb-5000lb, FSP4X4 bundle of 5:5000lb, FSP4X4 bundle of 5:10000lb

please contact us with any questions.

FSP4X4 Specifications:
Part Number Rated Capacities Load Cell Capacities Size (LxWxH) in Inches Weight
FSP3x3 500kg/1t/2.5t/1Klb/2Klb/5Klb 563YH-300kg/500kg/1t/500lb/1Klb/2.5Klb 36″ X 36″ X 4″ 72kg / 159lb
FSP4x4 500kg/1t/2.5t/5t/1Klb/2Klb/5Klb/10Klb 563YH-300kg/500kg/1t/2t/500lb/1Klb/2.5Klb/SE5Klb 48″ X 48″ X 4″ 120kg / 265lb
FSP5x5 2.5t/5t/5Klb/10Klb 563YH-1t/2t/2.5Klb/SE5Klb 59″ X 59″ X 4″ 200kg / 441lb
FSP4x6 2.5t/5t/5Klb/10Klb 563YH-1t/2t/2.5Klb/SE5Klb 48″ X 72″ X 4″
FSP5x7 2.5t/5t/5Klb/10Klb 563YH-1t/2t/2.5Klb/SE5Klb 59″ X 84″ X 4″





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