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ANYLOAD FSP5X5 Mild Steel Floor Scale

The FSP5X5 is equipped with four IP67 load cells that are designed to provide accurate weight measurements.


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Key Features

  • Mild steel construction
  • 5mm thick deck plate with checkered safety tread
  • Steel grid channel frame
  • Powder coated with high quality industrial paint
  • Supplied with aluminum junction box and 4 swivel feet
  • Factory finished corner error adjustment
  • NTEP 1:6 000 Class III, Multiple Cell certified load cells from 1Klb-10Klb
  • NTEP 1:3 500 Class III, Single Cell certified load cells from 1Klb-10Klb
  • CE, RoHS and ExNepsi certified load cells
  • Meaurement Ukraine certified load cells
  • Measurement Canada certified floor scales: 3×3-5Klb, 3×4-5Klb, 4×4-5Klb

Available options: FSP-5000LB, FSP-10000LB

please contact us with any questions.

J12ES and J12SS Specifications:
Part Number Rated Capacities Load Cell Capacities Size (LxWxH) in Inches Weight
FSP3x3 500kg/1t/2.5t/1Klb/2Klb/5Klb 563YH-300kg/500kg/1t/500lb/1Klb/2.5Klb 36″ X 36″ X 4″ 72kg / 159lb
FSP4x4 500kg/1t/2.5t/5t/1Klb/2Klb/5Klb/10Klb 563YH-300kg/500kg/1t/2t/500lb/1Klb/2.5Klb/SE5Klb 48″ X 48″ X 4″ 120kg / 265lb
FSP5x5 2.5t/5t/5Klb/10Klb 563YH-1t/2t/2.5Klb/SE5Klb 59″ X 59″ X 4″ 200kg / 441lb
FSP4x6 2.5t/5t/5Klb/10Klb 563YH-1t/2t/2.5Klb/SE5Klb 48″ X 72″ X 4″
FSP5x7 2.5t/5t/5Klb/10Klb 563YH-1t/2t/2.5Klb/SE5Klb 59″ X 84″ X 4″





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