Strain Gauge or Load Cell Amplifier/Conditioner Interface

Strain Gauge or Load Cell Amplifier/Conditioner Interface


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  • Ted Agerton - 22 Jul 2011

    I am currently using 9 of these boards. Chris Lange of Tacuna systems has been very helpful in assisting with setup, debugging, and tailoring the boards to my specific needs. I am using 8 of them to amplify quarter bridge strain gauges that get the resonant frequency of a vibrating tank. I am acquiring the data with LabView at 2000 samples per second. After some adjustments and tinkering, the boards are working flawlessly at 1000X gain with minimal noise. I am using a ninth board in full bridge mode to modify a digital hanging scale. The scales accuracy has gone from 100 grams to 0.6 grams and now connects to a computer instead of a small digital display. It rivals in precision and accuracy to scales costing many times more. I would highly recommend this product for your strain gauge amplification needs. Easy to use, relatively inexpensive, and highly sensitive and flexible.