Miniature Load Cells

Tacuna Systems offers a wide variety of load cells from brands such as AnyLoad. We have a wide selection of miniature load cells that are suitable for weight measurement in applications where space is limited. Most of our miniature load cells are constructed with aluminum, and they can be used for weight measurement in both tension and compression. These load cells are available in different capacities to meet the diverse demands of today’s weighing applications. AnyLoad Miniature Load Cells are high precision force measurement devices, and this makes them a suitable choice for various weighing applications.

The sealing and the IP rating of AnyLoad's mini load cells make them a suitable choice for various industrial environments. They are commonly used in industry computerization, automation, cable testing, pneumatic and hydraulic controls, and other applications where there is space limitation. Explore our selection and download the Datasheets as well as the General Specifications. Contact our professionals for additional information.