Planar Beam Load Cells

Planar Beam Load Cells are low-priced devices, and they are suitable for a wide range of industrial weighing applications. Most of Anyload’s Planar Beam Load Cells are constructed with aluminum, and they are commonly used in postal scales, retail check out scales, medical equipment, airport baggage measurements, and other applications. The compactness of the planar beam load cells makes them a suitable choice for applications where the space is limited. Anyload’s Planar Beam Load Cells are certified by CE and RoHS, and they are, therefore, suitable for various industrial weighing applications. For high capacity weighing applications, these industrial load cells are usually implemented in sets of four cells. Browse our collection and download the Datasheets, General Specifications and Interchangeable Cross reference as well as the Planar Load Cell Approvals. Contact our professionals for additional information.