Single Point Load Cells

AnyLoad has a comprehensive variety of Single Point Load Cells for measurements and weighing to meet high accuracy demands of the weighing industry. They have a wide range of rated capacities and produced with aluminum for heightened sensitivity or with stainless steel for increased load capacity and endurance. AnyLoad Single Point Load Cells are high accuracy force measurement devices and a superb option appropriate for most industrial weighing measurement applications especially where there are off-center loads.

AnyLoad Single Point Load Cells are largely used in industrial scales, filling and packaging systems, on board weighing systems, medical equipment and other applications where high accuracy is required. AnyLoad Single Point Load Cells are ready for use with a list of standard or extra features and are Environmentally Sealed or Welded Sealed with Ingress Rating IP66 up to IP68. Browse our selection and download the Datasheets, General Specifications, CE, RoHS, OIML Certificate of Conformity as well as Measurement Ukraine and Spain Certificate Approvals. Contact our experts for extra information.