Balance Scales

Anyload Balance Scales offer a wide range of capacities from 100g up to 50kg as well as valuable features including LCD 5-digit up to 7-digit Display with 3 lines with high contrast auto backlight for easy-to-read indications, removable stainless steel platter and adjustable feet and level bubble to ensure accurate weighing. Anyload Balance Scales models also offer Printer output, ABS scale enclosure, weight checking functions with visual and acoustic annunciators, full Keyboard and One-touch unit exchange between kilograms (kg) and pounds (lb).

Anyload Balance Scales models support up to 16 Units of Measurement such as g, oz, lb, dwt, ozt, ct, tL.t, tL.h, tL.j, GN, dr, MM, ToLa, gsm, TAR and TMR conversion. Browse our selection of Anyload Balance Scales and download their Datasheets, General Specifications as well as their Manuals. Contact our experts for further details.