Summing Junctions

Anyload Summing Junctions obtains several data from different single cells and summates the generated signals into a distinct output to produce a precise multi-cell tension modification. They are shielded with Aluminum casting enclosure material and are manufactured to integrate 2 up to 12 side-by-side load cell connections with uncomplicated installation and patented Never Lost with Integrated Screw design.

Anyload Summing Junctions are equipped with independent adjustable resistors and consist of Individual cell with excitation or signal trim Section with IP rating IP65 suitable for moderate conditions and are a superb option where summing and high quality connections are compulsory and can create a total all-inclusive force measurement system with various distinct inputs.

Anyload Summing Junctions has a broad range of applications including industrial scales, bin and tank measuring, hopper and platform weighting systems. Explore our variety of summing junctions and download their Datasheets, and General Specifications. Contact our specialists for extra assistance.