Weigh Module and Mounts

Anyload’s weigh module and mounts are designed to ensure accurate and reliable weight measurements. They are available in a variety of sizes to meet the diverse needs of today’s weighing applications. They are designed to support multi-directional movements, free swaying movements, high precision volume reading, and tension loading. In addition, they have self-checking capability and patented design for high repeatability. Anyload’s weigh module and mounts are equipped with lateral stops and jacking bolts, and they are center pivoted. These devices are designed and constructed to allow easy installation.

Anyload’s weigh module and mounts are widely used in fixed and dynamic weighing systems. They find applications in tank, silo, and container weighing systems as well as in truck scales. For more details about the products that we offer, check their datasheets and general specifications. Contact our professionals for additional information.