ANYLOAD SBMP Scale Base Mounting Plate

The ANYLOAD SBMP Scale Base Mounting Plate provides support for scale feet for proper installation of industrial scales. Fits with the ANYLOAD AMF-1/2 or AMF-3/4 load cell feet.


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    • Mild steel construction
    • SBMP-80mm compatible with AMF-F-1/2 or AMF-F-M12 mounting foot
    • SBMP-90mm compatible with AMF-F-3/4 or AMF-F-M18 mounting foot

Available options: SBMP-80mm, SBMP-90mm

Please contact us with any load cell interfacing inquiries.


SBMP Scale Base Mounting Plate

Part No. Suggested Mounting Foot Shipping Weight (kg)
SBMP-80mm AMF-F-1/2 or AMF-F-M12 0.58
SBMP-90mm AMF-F-3/4 or AMF-F-M18 0.51

Technical Documents

  SBMP Scale Base Mounting Plate


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