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Designed for durability in commercial, lab and industrial environments, our high quality load cell product line ranges from S-Type to miniature force sensors.
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Load Cells

Tacuna Systems Bridge Amplifier

Our in-house designed, 5/5-star rated amplifier is a customizable, cost-effective, embedded solution. It completes a strain gauge Wheatstone bridge in quarter, half, or full bridge configuration. An excellent value, it likewise improves standard load cell signal quality.

Interface this amplifier with a programmable logic controller (PLC), microprocessor, or analog-to-digital converter (ADC), for reliable signal measurements.

Alloy Steel S-Beam/S-Type

The 101NH is popular in both tension and compression applications: hopper and bin weighing, truck scales, or crane and hoist weighing.

Its durable and compact design makes it a top choice for customers who need a cost-effective unit that can withstand harsh industrial environments, while providing accurate load measurements.

Calibration Service

Our popular calibration service is customizable to meet the specific needs of any project. We also offer NIST traceable calibration.

Tacuna Systems will connect, configure, and calibrate your equipment prior to shipment. All of our calibration services come with an official calibration certificate to ensure quality measurements.

CUSTOM signal conditioners

Our popular in-house designed bridge amplifier is a customizable embedded strain gauge solution built to withstand harsh environments for industrial and commercial weigh systems. We carry an extensive variety of high quality force measurement products manufactured by industry leaders like Tacuna Systems, AnyLoad, and AmCells to meet any system requirement.

Precision Measurement Scales

Our high precision scales come in various capacities to meet the measurement demands, of a wide range of industrial and research applications. From counting, postal and laboratory scales to fishermen scales, agriculture and livestock weighing, crane scales and more, our online offering has the quality scale you are looking for . If not, contact us!

Custom Calibration Services

Committed to excellence, our team of engineers can provide custom calibration services for your force sensing project needs. This includes connecting, configuring and calibrating purchased equipment (i.e. cell and indicator), with a typical lead time of 5 business days.

Product Design Services

Tacuna Systems prides itself in providing an array of complimentary design services to complement our quality load measurement product line, including PCB layout, schematic capture, product design and conceptualization, prototype runs and project consultation.

Our Products

Load Cells

Our high quality transducers are designed for technical weighing applications in both industrial and commercial environments: disk, double-ended shear beam, single-ended shear beam, planar beam, s-type/s-beam, load pin, single point, tension link, and miniature load cells.

Amplifiers & Conditioners

Our amplifier products enhance signal quality of all strain gauge type load cells. Each offers an excellent value with high reliability at a reasonable price. See all of our available product configurations and feature options.

Weigh Modules & Mounts

Designed for fixed and dynamic weighing systems, our weigh module products can be used in tanks, silos, truck scales and container weighing systems. They are built to support high precision volume reading, tension loading, multi-directional and free swaying movements.


Our high precision and water-resistant scales come with custom sizing and capacities for industrial and commercial use. View our CE and RoHs certified balance scales, bench scales, crane scales, floor scales, pallet scales and load bars.

Scale Accessories

Built to withstand tension, our industrial scale accessories include scale feet and covers, floor scale steel bumper guards, wireless displays and floor scale ramps. They’re easy to install and come in a variety of sizes.

Hardware & Accessories

We carry a variety of hardware and accessories such as cables, lightning arresters, mounting supplies and shackles to customize your project. Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact us and we will do our best to ensure your specific need is met.

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A load cell is a precision force measuring instrument. They provide a durable, easy-to-install solution for industrial weighing applications. This article explains the different types of load cells that exist, how they work, and which designs are best for various general uses.

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