Load Cell Kits

Our load cell kits add all-in one convenience to weigh system design. Sometimes called “quadro kits,” they come in two varieties: platform weighing and tank/hopper weighing.

Our platform weighing products contain 4 single-ended shear beam load cells, 4 mounting spacers, and 4 mounting feet to form the corners of a weigh platform. These are ideal for industrial or livestock scales.

Our tank/hopper weighing kits contain 4 single or double-ended shear beam load cells and four weigh modules. These are ideal for vessel weigh systems.

All kits include a junction box and 20m long cable.

Not sure which is right for you? See our article, “Guide to Load Cell Quadro Kits: Why Should I Buy One?” Or click on this link for a shorcut to our product comparison table.

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