• anyload LA2 lightning arrester

ANYLOAD LA2 Stainless Steel Lightning Arrester

The ANYLOAD LA2 Lightning Arrester is a surge protector for the delicate electronics in load cells and force measuring systems. Ingress protection rated IP66, this device can withstand even harsh environments.

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ANYLOAD LA2 Key Features

The ANYLOAD LA2 Lightning Arrester protects electrical devices from lightning strikes and voltage surges by safely blocking or diverting transient electrical spikes. This device is equipped with gas discharge tubes, which activate if a voltage surge is greater than 90 VAV. The activated tubes divert transient voltages to ground, provided that the ground wire connected to this device’s stainless steel enclosure is properly connected.

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ANYLOAD LA2 Lightning Arrester Specifications

Nominal Impulse Discharge Current 10kA (8/20μs)
Single Impulse Discharge Current 20kA (8/20μs)
AC Discharge Current 10A
DC Spark-over Voltage (100V/s) 90 ± 25%V DC
Impulse Spark-over Voltage (1kV/μs) ≤700V
Insulation Resistance ≥10(100V DC)GΩ
IP Rating IP66

Technical Documents

LA2 Lightning Arrester Datasheet


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