2018 Women in Engineering Empowerment Essay – Chengxi Li

Enthusiasm: Why STEM? Every woman should want to be an independent one. My previous major in master degree is Math. My current major is computer science in PhD degree. A lot of girls asked me: why you choose so hard areas. My answer is: I want to know the most core technology. My mind doesn’t want be fooled or manipulated by the people who has real technology. I want to have cool job which could continue extending my ability and deepen my thoughts. I don’t want only admire the revolution of technology. I want participant in it and be one member of it. I want to see my design and my contribution for long term use. I want learn math, technology and contribute more for the society.

Originality: Currently, most activities for improve representation are presentations, conference, workshops. For my side, it is important to know what women could do in STEM area and let them know they could do it! Thus, my idea is we should cooperate with companies and offer chance for women about no-paid internship and help them know what they could do. Also, most workshop hold in school now finally ends to talking and conversation. And we should create more variety workshops that really teach women students step by step application knowledge and let them have more confidence. Competition should be released towards women learner in STEM for skills improvement and team management. There is always need a mentor for them to direct them when they don’t
know what to do. Pair one mentor within university or company.

Forward Thinking: In the future, women could be the one who writes an popular artificial intelligence application, who design a great car, who nominates their name on math theory, who in charge of their own company, who positively become the competitively component in the market, who engage themselves into giving productive contribution for the country. Deployment It is easy and good to deploy my idea. This is because no-paid internship is good for companies’ development and get new energy and back-up employment in the future. And we need to talk to local company and big company who would like to increase their chance for future human resource. And workshop variety is essential because company and women learner could have short term ice-burg breaking time. But for long term helping women to have confidence to work in STEM, there should be more chances for them to learn. Also, after some time learning, it would be a good bonus to participate in some high award competition which could be a good way to offer scholarships. Also women could get confirmation during such opportunities. There are a lot of people who would like to connect with people. So we could connect the one who are in company or even in university who could offer mentor guidance to help women scientist develop

Time urgent:
We should really do something that is realistic to help women to become indispensable part in STEM. That would be a big jump for this era!