2018 Women in Engineering Empowerment Essay – Tania Kapoor

Problem: According to the statistics by Jeanna Bryner of Live Science (www.livescience.com), the U.S. National Science Foundation reports that 9% of the doctorate degrees in engineering are awarded to women, and women hold only 10% of high-level faculty positions in science and engineering fields (an improvement from 3% in the early 1970s, but still a dismal number).

Approach: I feel awareness and more of the female role models will surely boost the confidence of the other females in the society to take a stand for themselves and choose whatever field is appropriate for them. Moreover, the environment and surrounding in schools and universities should be more uplifting and encouraging for the women within STEM fields. By saying encouraging environment, i mean whenever a woman starts her career in a field that is not so feminist, she should still feel confident and comfortable in pursuing her career in such a field. For this, schools should have programs for women, examples of them would be some kind of sports like karate, dance etcetera to make them mentally and physically strong to take on the vast world in front of them. In addition to the above points, a small chance in the thought process and thinking of the opposite sex would help the women to take on their desires and aspirations and bring them to reality one day. From my experience, whenever i see a successful women, there is always a supporting male at her back. So, it is important that men abet women. What more can be done on a large scale is that government should create awareness among general masses. Firstly, awareness should be about science education and how women can play an integral role in that. There are various STEM programmes being initiated like San Mateo County Office of Education STEM Center, National Girls Collaborative Project and KC STEM Alliance. More of such programmes should be brought into picture. One of the other way can be more academic courses in STEM field should assist in uplifting the situation too. More academic courses means diverse options. Easier for women to choose the right one for them. In order to help them choose the right one, it is essential that they are being exposed to STEM related problems and find out in which are they interested. This is important because when your interest and curiosity to learn something matches with the right opportunity, it helps to foster learning process.

Conclusion: ​Being a woman myself, i understand how hard is to find opportunities in the area of STEM. I am an engineer myself. I have faced hurdles in my life till now too. But one thing that has never stopped me is​WILL.​If you have the desire to do something, ​you will surely end up succeeding in that despite hindrances. That’s why, it is important to instill such a thought in every women out there in order to help come up with best of her and get a better place in the workplace. This will definitely improve the representation of women.