ANYLOAD TWSF1 Complete Stainless Steel Test Weight Set, F1 Grade

The ANYLOAD TWSF1 complete test weight set features stainless steel calibration weights with an F1 accuracy class.


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Weight 2 lbs


Key Features

  • Single-box packaging
  • Stainless steel material
  • F1 Grade (class accuracy)
  • Capacity Ranges: 0.05g – 1g  and  1g – 1kg

Available options: TWSF1-Set-0.05g-1g, TWSF1-Set-1g-1kg

Contact us for any inquiries on available capacities and configurations.

TWSF1 Stainless Steel Test Weight Set  (0.05g – 1g)
Capacity Quantity
0.05g 1
0.1g 1
0.2g 2
0.5g 1
1g 1



TWSF1 Stainless Steel Test Weight Set  (1g – 1kg)
Capacity Quantity
1g 1
2g 2
5g 1
10g 1
20g 2
50g 1
100g 1
200g 2
500g 1
1kg 1


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