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Tacuna Systems Load Cell Amplifier

Tacuna System’s in-house designed load cell amplifier is a cost-effective embedded solution for your strain measurement needs. This miniaturized strain gauge amplifier accepts or completes a single Wheatstone bridge arranged in quarter, half, or full bridge modewhile also accepting a standard load cell.

See product specifications tab to view all available configurations and options.


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Key Features

For Tacuna System’s in-house designed Load Cell Amplifier, gain and offset adjustment can be manually controlled from a gain select dip switch and offset adjust potentiometer (M version) or programmatically (X version). Interface this strain gauge amplifier with your microprocessor, analog-to-digital converter (ADC), or programmable logic controller (PLC) for reliable strain signal measurements.

  • Amplified analog voltage output 0-5V range
  • Unipolar operation eliminates need for bipolar data acquisition device
  • Ability to handle low bridge resistances (down to 10 ohms in special cases)
  • Vibration resistant circuitry for harsh environments (no low voltage piezoelectric effects)
  • Interface directly with any analog LabVIEW DAQ or other DAQ systems

Contact us for any inquiries on load cell interfacing.


Flexible on-board bridge completion circuit
  • Contains mounting holes
  • Bridge resistors can be through hole or surface mount
  • Surface mount option allows placement of 0805 package resistors
  • Through hole resistors can be soldered in place or plugged into provided socket
  • Completion resistors sold separately
Anti-aliasing and noise elimination filters
  • Factory Default: -3dB at 70Hz C and M versions
  • Can be customized per your application
Calibration offset
  • Use simple potentiometer to adjust for offset errors or allow on-board microcontroller to handle this (X version)
Plug-in connectors or headers (upon request)
  • Additional plugs can be ordered here

Product Specifications

  • +5V on board excitation
  • Precision gain (.1% tolerance)
  • Gain: 110, 220, 550, 1100, 2200, 5500, 11000
  • Optional enclosure (small profile 1″ x 3″)
  • Upgradable firmware via RS-232 bootloader (X version)



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