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Calibrating the Force Measuring System

A measuring system is comprised of all elements from the force sensor to the output device. Each element has the potential to introduce error. This article discusses the importance of calibration to the accuracy of the measuring system’s output.

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Load Cell Summing: Junction Boxes, Signal Trim, and Excitation Trim

Large-scale, complex weighing systems often require a combination of multiple load cells to record accurate measurements. In this case, a junction or summing box combines measurement signals from these distributed load cell devices. The load cell trimming process is crucial to ensure combined signal accuracy.

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Reducing Noise in Very Sensitive Load Cell Applications

In force measurement, environmental noise such as voltage interferes with sensitive load cell applications, leading to errors. Learn best practices on how to reduce the unwanted effects of electrostatic and electromagnetic noise.

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Load Cell Mounting and Installation Best Practices

While selecting the appropriate load cell model for an application is important, accurate measurements also depend on proper mounting and installation. Guarantees ease of use and safe operations. Tips and starting points for setting up your load cell configuration.

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Why Do I Need a Load Cell Amplifier (and Other Signal Conditioners)?

While selecting the appropriate load cell model for an application is important, if the right amplifier or conditioner is not used, the load cell measurements might be rendered useless. Properly operating the load cell amplifier is critical to obtaining high-quality, accurate readings.

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Connecting a Force Sensor to a DAQ

In manufacturing, “instrumentation” often refers to a combination of subsystems used to accurately measure, control, or observe another system. Learn about an instrument that connects a force sensor to a data acquisition (DAQ) device.

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How to Test for Faults in Load Cells

From time to time, load cells may encounter faults that disrupt their performance. This article highlights how to troubleshoot common strain gauge load cell faults like unstable readings, overloads and erratic output display.

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Load Cell FAQ

Our Load Cell FAQs answers questions like:
What is load cell sensitivity?
What is excitation voltage?
How to convert load cell output voltage to pounds or kilograms or Newtons.
Formulas and more.

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Installing and Mounting Piezoelectric Force Transducers

Piezoelectric force transducers are small in size and well-suited for applications requiring miniature components or dynamic force measurement. This article outlines installation requirements for mounting a piezoelectric force transducer.