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Calibrating the Force Measuring System

A measuring system has many elements from the force sensor to the output device. Each can potentially introduce error. This article explains calibration’s contribution to the accuracy of the measuring system’s output.

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Load Cell Summing: Junction Boxes, Signal Trim, and Excitation Trim

Weighing systems often require multiple load cells to record accurate measurements. In this case, a junction or summing box combines signals from these distributed load cell devices. Learn here the trimming process that equalizes these multiple signals to ensure combined signal accuracy.

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Connecting a Force Sensor to a DAQ

When connecting a force sensor and data acquisition (DAQ) system, our overview of how these subsystems work together is a good place to start.

How to Test for Faults in Load Cells title artwork

How to Test for Faults in Load Cells

From time to time, load cells may encounter faults that disrupt their performance. This guide explains step-by-step tests to identify and resolve common strain gauge load cell faults like unstable readings, overloads and erratic output display.

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Load Cell FAQ

Our Load Cell FAQs answer common questions about our store and our products. Wondering how to start designing a load measurement project, connect components, optimize accuracy, troubleshoot and more? Find the answers here.