ANYLOAD CASE-03-WL Hard-Shell Protective Case

The ANYLOAD CASE-03-WL is ideal for storing or transporting ANYLOAD 110RH-WL series crane scale and 805HP indicator. This carrying case has high-quality ABS plastic construction, offering high mechanical strength, dimensional stability, ingress protection (IP67) and electrical insulation. For form-fitting cushioning in transit, the CASE-03 features foam openings precut to size for each capacity rating of the 110RH. (Case options determine these opening sizes; see data sheet or specification tab below to match case part number to load cell capacity.) Cases accommodating tension link load cells rated 5t and under include space for 2 shackles.


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Weight 10 lbs

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Key Features

  • Material: High Quality ABS plastic
  • Color:Black
  • Customized interior foam offers better protection of the products
  • IP67

Available options: CASE-03-WL-02,CASE-03-WL-05, CASE-03-WL-10, CASE-03-WL-20, CASE-03-WL-30

Contact us for any inquiries on load cell interfacing.

ANYLOAD Carrying Case CASE-03-WL Part Numbers
Descriptions Part No.
CASE-03 + customized foam to hold + 1x110RH-ST-2t-WL & under + 1x805HP-WL + 2xSBX-2t CASE03-02-WL
CASE-03 + customized foam to hold + 1x110RH-ST-5t-WL + 1x805HP-WL + 2xSBX-6.5t CASE03-05-WL
CASE-03 + customized foam to hold + 1x110RH-ST-10t-WL + 1x805HP-WL CASE03-10-WL
CASE-03 + customized foam to hold + 1x110RH-ST-20t-WL + 1x805HP-WL CASE03-20-WL
CASE-03 + customized foam to hold + 1x110RH-30t-WL + 1x805HP-WL CASE03-30-WL


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