TBX Wireless Load Cell Bridge

Turn any standard analog load cell into a wireless load cell with a TBX Wireless Load Cell Bridge. This system replaces the physical cable connection between the load cell and the weight indicator. The TBX Wireless Load Cell Bridge can be retrofitted into old systems or designed for new systems.


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TBX Wireless Load Cell Bridge

Key Features
  • Ultra-low energy consumption
  • Clamp connectors (vibration resistant)
  • Additional LED module indicating system status
  • Low battery status indicator (via RS 232 port and LED diode)
  • Energy saving mode (sleep mode in absence of a change in mass value)
  • Receiver powered directly from load cell connector (no external power supply)
  • Multiple systems can be operated in one location (128 channels can be selected)

Available options: TBX Pair (R&T), TBX-R, TBX-T

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Tacuna System’s Commitment

We strive to serve our diverse customer base across all industries, enabling them with the proper tools they need to be successful. As a small business, we take great pride in providing free consultation for product design & prototyping to all our valued customers. Our engineering specialists also have extensive R&D experience in strain gauge load cell technology, as we are well-known for our in-house designed signal conditioners and amplifiers, that can be customized.

TBX-R (Receiver)

Receiver Connected to the weight indicator as a load cell
Power supply voltage from the weight indicator 5 – 10 VDC
Power consumption max. 25mA
Constant emulated load cell 2.0 mV/V
Emulated voltage Proportional to the voltage come from the indicator
D / A converter 16-bit, effective resolution 16-bit
Zero drift of amplifiers <5ppm/K
Resistors in the analog circuit 0.1%, 25ppm/K
Total error after calibration (estimated) max. 90ppm/K (0.009%/K)
Number of transmitter connected to one receiver 1 – 4
Number of channels 1 – 128
Port RS 232 (RX, TX, COM) For signalling the battery status in the transmitter
Configuration button To set the signal level in case of no connection with the transmitter
Working temperature From -40˚C to +85˚C
Dimensions 86x47x12 mm (without housing)


TBX-T (Transmitter)

Load Cell Excitation ~2,8 VDC max 100mA
D / A converter 16-bit, effective resolution 16-bit
Frequency of measurement 4.17x/sec (max. 50x/sec)
Resistors in the analog circuit 0.1%, 25ppm/K
Total error after calibration (estimated) max. 75ppm/K (0.0075%/K)
Power 3.7 ~ 5 VDC (ie. 3 x AA battery, Li-Ion / Li-Po 3.7V)
Power consumption without load cell < 5mA
Power consumption by a 360Ω load cell 9.2 mA
Power consumption in sleep mode < 0.3mA
Type of antenna Integrated
Working temperature (without battery) From -40˚C to +85˚C
Dimensions 86x37x9 mm (without housing)


Additional Information

Radio Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy 2.4 GHz
Working distance 20 meters
Connectors Clamp – vibration resistance
Tool for mounting connectors WAGO 206-861
Compliance with the directives CE, RED, RoHS, MD

Figure 1  Load cell and Battery – TBX-T (Transmitter) – TBX-R (Receiver) – Weight Indicator


Figure 2  Load cell – TBX-T (Transmitter) – mobile app (replacing the weight indicator)


Load Cell Configuration Types

Figure 1  Load cell – TBX-T (Transmitter) – TBX-R (Receiver) – weight indicator


Figure 2  Several Load cells – TBX-T (Transmitter) – TBX-R (Receiver) – weight indicator


Figure 3  Several TBX-T (Transmitter) connected to one – TBX-R (Receiver). To one TBX-R (Receiver) you can connected up to 4 (pcs) TBX-T (transmitters)

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