• Anyload 808CH Remote Display
  • photo of anyload large L E D remote display for scales

ANYLOAD 808 Series Display Replacement Parts

Available replacement parts for the ANYLOAD 808AH, 808BH and 808CH are listed in description below and sold separately.

Quantity Price
1 - 9 $10.00
10 - 24 $9.50
25 - 49 $9.20
50 - 99 $8.90
100 + $8.50
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ANYLOAD 808 Series Replacement Parts Available Options:

AL Part Number TS Option Description
808-MB-ABC-02 808ABCH-Main-Board Main board for 808AH, 808BH, 808CH
808-DB-AB-02 808ABH-Digit-Board Digit board for 808AH, 808BH
808-DB-C-02 808CH-Digit-Board Digit board for 808CH
808-TL-02 808BH-Traffic-Light-Board Traffic light board for 808BH
808-TRANS-AB-02 808ABH-Transformer Transformer for 808AH, 808BH
808-TRANS-C-02 808CH-Transformer Transformer for 808CH
808-PAD-AB-02 808ABH-Key-Pad Keypad for 808AH, 808BH
808-PAD-C-02 808CH-Key-Pad Keypad for 808CH
808-LATCH-AB-02 808ABH-Latch-Set Set of latch 4 screws for 808AH, 808BH
808-LATCH-C-02 808CH-Latch-Set Set of latch 4 screws for 808CH
808-CABLE-1-30 808ABH-Ribbon-Cable-30 Ribbon cable for 808AH, 808BH
808-CABLE-1-51 808ABH-Ribbon-Cable-51 Ribbon cable for 808AH, 808BH
808-CABLE-1-14 808CH-Ribbon-Cable-14 Ribbon cable for 808CH

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