• EYH Eye Bolt from ANYLOAD which has a threaded round metal rod at the bottom fused to a steel donut shape at the top that has a square rather than rounded cross section



The ANYLOAD EYH Eye Bolt features forged, medium carbon alloy steel construction for a higher safe loading capacity. This eye bolt is ideal for heavy-duty tension weighing assemblies. A single jam nut comes with each order.

Quantity Price
1 - 9 $98.00
10 - 24 $93.10
25 - 49 $90.16
50 - 99 $87.22
100 + $83.30
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Before placing an order, be sure to verify this eye bolt’s capacity rating in the specifications tab. Regular eye bolts are typically for vertical loads only.

This product is similar to the cast alloy steel ANYLOAD EYE Eye Bolt but for larger loads.

  • Machined, zinc-plated alloy steel
  • Comes with one jam nut
  • Safe working loads: 11Klb to 22Klb (3t-55t)
  • Imperial thread sizes: 3/4″, 1″, 1 1/4″
  • Metric thread sizes: M16, M18, M24, M30, M36, M42

Available options: EYH-3/4″,  EYH-1″,  EYH-1-1/4″

Please contact us with any product interfacing inquiries.

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EYH Eye Bolt Specifications

Part No. Safe Working Load Shipping Weight (kg)
EYH-3/4″ 11Klb 0.8
EYH-1″ 16.5Klb 1.4
EYH-1-1/4″ 22Klb 2.7
EYH-M16 2t 0.8
EYH-M18 4t 0.8
EYH-M24 7.5t 1.4
EYH-M30 10t 2.7
EYH-M36 18t 3.7
EYH-M42 25t 3.8

Technical Documents

EYH Eye Bolt Datasheet


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