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ANYLOAD CB12 Load Cell Cable


This ANYLOAD CB12 Load Cell Cable is RFI- and EMI- protected, featuring a copper shield with aluminum foil protection. Comes in two standard lengths; custom lengths are also available as a special order. Contact us for this option.

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ANYLOAD CB12 Load Cell Cable

This load cell cable is RFI- and EMI-protected, featuring a copper shield with aluminum foil protection. (See External Wiring in Strain Gauge Load Cells for a review of how cable lengths affect load cell calibration.)

  • PVC jacket material
  • 12-Wire standard black cable
  • Outer diameter: 7.6mm ± 0.3mm
  • 300m length with reel
  • 100m length without reel
  • ANYLOAD color code compliant
  • Cable length is customizable. Consult with us before ordering custom lengths.

Available standard options: CB12-7.6mm-100m,  CB12-7.6mm-300m

Please contact us with any product interfacing inquiries.

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We strive to help our diverse customer base achieve their desired outcomes. As a small business, we take great pride in providing free consultation for product design & prototyping to ensure our valued clients have the right equipment to be successful. Our engineering specialists have extensive R&D experience in strain gauge load cell technology, and we are well-known for our in-house designed customizable signal conditioners and amplifiers.


CB12 Load Cell Cable Specifications

Number of Wires 12 wires
Outside Diameter 7.6mm ± 0.3mm
Working Temperature 30°C to 85°C/-22°F to 185°F
Wire Resistance ≤ 0.9Ω/mm
Screen 1
Capacitance ≤ 80PF/m
Length with Reel 300m/984.25′
Jacket Material PVC
Jacket Color Black

CB12 Load Cell Cable Part Numbers

Descriptions With Reel Diameter (mm) Part No. Shipping Weight (kg)
PVC cable with 12 wires Yes 7.6 CB12-7.6-300m 27.0

Technical Documents

 CB12 Load Cell Cable Datasheet


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