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AnyLoad 563YHM5 Alloy Steel Compression Weigh Module


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Weight10 lbs

The AnyLoad 563YHM5 alloy steel compression weigh module is constructed with allow steel, and it is designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements. This weighing module assembles the 563YH single ended beam load cell, and it is available in 100lb-1Klb/100kg-500kg capacities. The AL-563YHM5 is center pivoted and allows self-checking and multi-directional movements. In addition, this weighing module offers anti-lifting protection to ensure safe and secure weight measurement. The 563YHM5 is a suitable solution for a broad array of industrial weighing applications. It is commonly used in tank systems, silo measuring systems, hopper weighing, and production line systems. Furthermore, its design and construction allow it to be easily integrated into machines, trucks, scale systems, and other devices.

AnyLoad holds many patents on Weigh Module designs along with international certifications from bodies such as as NTEP, OIML, RoHS, Ex and CE.

AnyLoad 563YHM5 Compression Weigh Module Features:

  • Assembles: 563YH single ended beam load cell
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Capacities: 100lb-1Klb/100kg-500kg
  • NTEP certified load cells from 1Klb-10Klb
  • OIML certified load cells from 500kg-2.5t
  • CE , RoHS and Ex certified load cells
  • Center pivoted and self-checking
  • Multi-directional movements
  • Anti-lifting protection
  • Load cell not included


AnyLoad 563YHM5 Alloy Steel Compression Weigh Module Datasheet:

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AnyLoad 563YHM5 Alloy Steel Compression Weigh Module Drawings:

View Drawings-563YHM5(0.5-1)Klb

View Drawings-563YHM5(5-500)Kg