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ANYLOAD A1A-22 Load Cell Amplifier

The ANYLOAD A1A series strain gauge amplifier provides both load cell and transducer signal conditioning. The A1A series is best used for single-ended operations like tension or compression (transitioning between the two is possible for about half the span of the amplifier).


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Weight1.15 lbs

Key Features

The A1A-22 load cell amplifier can drive up to 4 x 350Ω load cells or 8 X 700Ω load cells. It can also be directly connected to 1 load cell or connected to several load cells via junction box.

  • DC-powered
  • Housed in aluminum enclosure
  • Output signal range: 0V-10V or 4mA-20mA
  • Contains 2 through holes for easy installation

Available options: A1A-22

Please contact us with any load cell interfacing inquiries.

A1A-22 Load Cell Amplifier Specifications
Load Cell Type All strain gauge types
Capacity1×350Ω directly connected or 4×350Ω or 8×700Ω through a junction box
Power Supply24V DC ± 10%
Input Range0mV- 30mV
Maximum Power Voltage (DC)30V, 2.5A
Output Signal (Voltage)0V-10V
Output Signal (Current)4mA-20mA
Enclosure MaterialAluminum casting
Operating Temperature Range-10 to 50°C or 14 to 122°F
IP RatingIP66