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ANYLOAD J04ES and J04SS Stainless Steel Junction Box

The J04ES and J04SS load cell stainless steel junction box is easy to install with our patented never-lost and integrated screw design.


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Weight3 lbs

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Key Features

  • Enclosure Material: Stainless steel SS304
  • Number of cells: 2-4 single cells
  • Trimming Options: Individual cell with excitation or signal trim
  • Equipped with independent adjustable resistors
  • Patented never lost and integrated screw design
  • IP Rating: IP65

Available options: J04ES,J04ES-II,J04SS,J04SS-II

Other capacities and configurations available – please contact us with any questions.


J04ES and J04SS Load Cell Junction Box General Specifications:
Number of cells2-4 single cells
Input Cable FittingsPG9: 4mm-8mm diameter cable
Output Cable FittingsPG13: 6mm-12mm diameter cable
TrimmingIndividual cell with excitation or signal trim
Enclosure Material
Stainless Steel SS304
IP Rating:
J04ES and J04SS Junction Box Trimming Range:
Load Cell ResistanceSignal TrimExcitation Trim
3503.6% of output2.3% of output
7006.3% of output1.3% of output
10007.0%1.0% of output