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ANYLOAD J04ES-E & J04SS-E Stainless Steel Junction Box


The ANYLOAD J04ES-E & J04SS-E junction boxes have a SS304 stainless steel enclosure with IP65 ingress protection rating. Each can combine 2-4 load cell signals with both individual cell excitation trim or signal trim options from independent adjustable resistors. This model has an expansion port to connect to other junction boxes (indicated by -E in the product number). The J04ES-E & J04SS-E enclosures are equipped with lightning protection. Motherboard only options are available.

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ANYLOAD J04ES-E & J04SS-E Features

  • Enclosure Material: Stainless steel SS304
  • Expansion port for wiring additional junction boxes (allows more load cells in the system)
  • Lightning protection
  • Number of cells: 2-4 single cells
  • Trimming Options: Individual cell with excitation (J04ES-E) or signal (J04SS-E) trim
  • Equipped with independent potentiometers
  • Captive stainless steel screws
  • IP Rating: IP65

Available options: J04ES-E, J04SS-E, J04ES-E Motherboard Only, J04SS-E Motherboard Only

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ANYLOAD J04ES-E and J04SS-E Specifications

Number of cells 2-4 singles cells
Input Cable Fittings PG9: 4mm-8mm diameter cable
Output Cable Fittings 13: 6mm-12mm diameter cable
Trimming J04ES-E: Individual cell with excitation trim
J04SS-E: Individual cell with signal trim
Enclosure Material SS304 Stainless Steel
IP Rating IP65

Trimming Range

ANYLOAD J04ES-E and J04SS-E Trimming Range

Load Cell Resistance
Signal Trim Excitation Trim
350Ω 3.6% of output 2.3% of output
700Ω 6.3% of output 1.3% of output
1000Ω 7.0% of output 1.0% of output

Technical Documents

J04ES-E & J04SS-E Data Sheet


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