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ANYLOAD 102THM5 Alloy Steel Compression Weigh Module

The ANYLOAD 102THM5 alloy steel compression weigh module is specially constructed to deliver accurate and reliable measurements, and it is available in 50-75Klb capacities. This weigh module is built with alloy steel and assembles the 102TH double ended beam load cell.


SKU: AL-102THM5 Category:
Weight 160 lbs

Key Features

  • Assembles: 102TH double ended beam load cell
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Capacities: 50-75Klb
  •  NTEP certified load cells from 25Klb-125Klb
  • OIML certified load cells from 11t-55t
  • CE , RoHS and Ex certified load cells
  • Center pivoted, end-loaded and completely self-centering
  • Multi-directional movements in the horizontal plane
  • Links provide optimal loading conditions for the load cell
  • No check rods required
  • Load cell not included

Available options: 102THM5-50000-75000lb

Contact us for any inquiries on load cell interfacing.

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