ANYLOAD 102DSM3 Compression Weigh Module

This 102DSM3 Compression Weigh Module from ANYLOAD features a sliding pin design and stainless steel construction. With capacities ranging from 5 Klb to 250 Klb, this certified load cell weigh module assembles the 102DS Double-Ended Beam Load Cell.

Load cell not included


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Weight 28.6601 lbs

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102DSM3 Compression Weigh Module

Key Features
  • Assembles: 102DS Double-Ended Beam Load Cell
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Capacities: 5 Klb to 250 Klb
  • CE, RoHS and Ex certified load cells
  • Center pivoted and self-checking with anti-lifting protection
  • Sliding pin design compensates for thermal expansion and contraction
  • Load cell not included

Available options: 102DSM3-5-20KLB, 102DSM3-30Klb, 102DSM3-100Klb, 102DSM3-150Klb

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Interchangeable Cross Reference
Manufacturer Model
Rice Lake EZ Mount 1 Stainless Steel
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