• AnyLoad 563YSM3 Stainless Steel Compression Weigh Module

ANYLOAD 563YSM3 Stainless Steel Compression Weigh Module

The ANYLOAD 563YSM3 Compression Weigh Module ensures accuracy and safety in weigh systems using the 563YS load cell. Constructed of highly durable 304 stainless, it is fitted with lateral stops and has a rocker pin design. Available in three standard options with capacities from 500lb to 20Klb.

Load cell not included.

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1 - 9 $693.00
10 - 24 $658.35
25 - 49 $637.56
50 - 99 $616.77
100 + $589.05
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ANYLOAD 563YSM3 Compression Weigh Module

The ANYLOAD 563YSM3 Stainless Steel Compression Weigh Module assembles the 563YS single ended beam load cell and features both overload protection and 50% rated load anti-lifting protection.

Load cell not included.

  • Stainless steel material
  • Available capacities: 500lb-20Klb/250kg-10t
  • NTEP certified load cells ranging from 1Klb-10Klb
  • CE, RoHS and Ex certified load cells
  • Rocker pin loading design
  • Equipped with lateral stops
  • Features both overload and anti-lifting protection
  • Indicator is sold separately

Available options: 563YSM3-500lb-se5Klb, 563YSM3-5Klb, 563YSM3-10Klb, 563YSM3-15Klb, 563YSM3-20Klb

Contact us for any inquiries on load cell interfacing.


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Technical Documents

pdf icon ANYLOAD 563YSM3 Datasheet
563YSM3 (500lb-SE5Klb) Assembly Drawing
563YSM3 (5Klb-10Klb) Assembly Drawing
ANYLOAD 563YSM3 Installation Guides


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