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AmCells T103 Series Double-Ended Shear Beam


The AmCells T103 Series Double-Ended Shear Beam load cells feature tool steel construction for affordable reliability. They are available in capacities from 5Klb to 200Klb, all with 30 foot cabling.

Quantities vary for the 150Klb and 200Klb capacities. Please contact us before ordering.

Quantity Price
1 - 9 $780.00
10 - 24 $741.00
25 - 49 $717.60
50 - 99 $694.20
100 + $663.00
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AmCells T103 Series Features

  • Tool steel material
  • Through holes on the ends of each load cell for mounting
  • Meets OIML and HB44 Class III Standards
  • Cable Length: 30 ft.

Available options: T103-5000lb,  T103-10000lb, T103-20000lb, T103-50000lb, T103-60000lb, T103-65000lb, T103-100000lb, T103-150000lb, T103-200000lb

Please contact us with any product-related questions.


AmCells T103 Load Cell Specifications

Rated Output (R.O.) 3.0 MV/V ± 1%
Zero Balance ± 2% of R.O.
Non-linearity 0.03% of R.O.
Hysteresis 0.02% of R.O.
Non-Repeatability 0.02% of R.O.
Creep in 1 hour 0.02% of Load
Insulation > 5,000MΩ
Input Impedance 700 ± 30Ω
Output Impedance 700 ± 4Ω
Safe Overload 150% of F.S.
Ultimate Overload 300% of F.S.
Compensated Temperature Range -10 to 40 °C
Operating Temperature Range -40 to 80 °C
Temperature Effect on Output 20 ppm/°C of Load
Temperature Effect on Zero 20 ppm/°C of R.O.
Recommended Excitation 10V DC/AC
Maximum Excitation 20V DC/AC


Interchangeable Cross Reference

AmCells T103 Series Equivalents

Manufacturer Equivalent Model
Artech Industries Inc. 70210
Revere 5103


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