Engineering Empowerment Scholarship

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2018 Scholarship Winners

Tacuna Systems and ANYLOAD are excited to present the 2018 Women in Engineering Empowerment Scholarship winners, Carmen Dyck (US) and Jessica Landon (CN), each with a $1000 scholarship award! We want to recognize these two aspiring female scholars for their commitment to make an impact in the STEM field. Their exceptional essays and resumes truly highlight their aptitude for learning and desire to help young women achieve their goals.
2018 Engineering empowerment scholarship

Carmen Dyck - US Winner

Carmen speaks of her personal experience growing up with selecting a future career choice. Her dream is to address the stigma associated with the STEM field, in order to encourage more young women to pursue a technical degree. She hopes to inspire women of all ages to reach for their career aspirations.
View her essay here.

Jessica Landon - Canada Winner

Jessica recounts her intern experience where she was one of only two women engineers present at the workplace. Her goal is to spread awareness around gender stereotypes many women in the STEM field experience today. She believes female representation will encourage women to defy the social norm.
View her essay here.


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