• anyload 112BA torque transducer

ANYLOAD 112BA Aluminum Torque Transducer

The ANYLOAD 112BA torque transducer is ideal for tracking rotating forces, for example to prevent overload situations. It’s small size (2″ x 1.14″) lends itself to tight spaces. The 112BA comes in 5 capacities from 20in-oz to 100in-lb. It has an ingress protection rating of IP65.

Quantity Price
1 - 9 $840.00
10 - 24 $798.00
25 - 49 $772.80
50 - 99 $747.60
100 + $714.00
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ANYLOAD 112BA Key Features

This miniature load cell reliably measures torque in rotating structures.

  • Aluminum material
  • Rated Capacities: 20in-oz, 50in-oz, 12in-lb, 50in-lb, 100in-lb, 0.14Nm, 0.35Nm, 1.5Nm, 5.6Nm, 11.3Nm
  • Full Scale Output: 2.0mV/V ± 20%
  • Safe Overload: 150% of full scale
  • Environmentally Sealed
  • Ingress protection rating: IP65

Available options: 112BA-20in-oz, 112BA-50in-oz, 112BA-12in-lb, 112BA-50in-lb, 112BA-100in-lb

Please contact us for availability of other capacities.

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ANYLOAD 112BA Torque Transducer Specifications

Rated Capacity 20in-oz, 50in-oz, 12in-lb, 50in-lb, 100in-lb,
0.14Nm, 0.35Nm, 1.5Nm, 5.6Nm, 11.3Nm
Full Scale Output 2mV/V ± 20%
Zero Balance <± 0.04mV/V
Non-linearity < ± 0.2%
Repeatability < ± 0.05%
Hysteresis Error < ± 0.2%
Creep in 30 minutes < ± 0.2%
Input Resistance 1000Ω ±50Ω
Output Resistance 1000Ω ±5Ω
Recommended Excitation 10V
Insulation Resistance >5GΩ [50V DC] 
Nominal Temperature Range -10°C to 40°C/-14°F to 104°F
Safe Overload 150% of full scale
Breaking Overload 300% of full scale
Seal Type Environmentally sealed
IP Rating IP65

Technical Documents

ANYLOAD 112BA Torque Transducer Datasheet