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ANYLOAD 805BS Stainless Steel Digital Weight Indicator


The ANYLOAD 805BS is a general purpose, multi-function weight indicator for scales. It drives up to eight 350Ω or sixteen 700Ω load cells through a junction box with high accuracy and reliability. A 24-bit microprocessor with a 200-cycle/sec conversion rate drives its A/D adopted conversion technology. A heavy-duty SS304 stainless steel wash-down enclosure makes the 805BS ideal for food or agricultural industries.

This indicator is NTEP III/IIIL, 10000 and Measurement Canada III, 10000; III HD 20000 approved.


Quantity Price
1 - 9 $683.00
10 - 24 $648.85
25 - 49 $628.36
50 - 99 $607.87
100 + $580.55
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ANYLOAD 805BS Features

  • NTEP III/IIIL, 10 000 approved
  • Measurement Canada III, 10 000; III HD 20 000
  • Material: Stainless steel SS304
  • IP Rating: IP66
  • LCD 6-digit display
  • Power Supply: AC adaptor or rechargeable lithium batteries 7.4V/4000mA
  • Parameter and calibration settings are performed on the front panel
  • Units of Measurement: kg, lb, g, oz, lb:oz conversion
  • Improper operation and fault indication
  • Two way relay signal output
  • Equipped with RS-232 and RS-485 connecting port
  • Print functions with programmable print format
  • Built-in clock
  • Functions: Auto Zero Scale, Auto Zero Tracking, PEAK, COUNTING, ZERO SCALE, TARE, GROSS/NET, Print Interface
  • Password Function to provide easy method in adjusting the parameter settings without opening the back panel. Applicable only if legal for trade is not required

ANYLOAD 805BS Functions:

  • Auto and Manual Zero Scale
  • Auto Zero Tracking
  • Normal Weighing
  • Peak
  • Counting
  • Zero Scale
  • Tare
  • Gross / Net
  • Alarm when load exceeds the maximum load capacity of the scale or load cell
  • Password to provide easy method in adjusting the parameter settings without opening the back panel. Only if legal for trade is not required
  • RS-232 and RS-485
  • Two-way relay signal output
  • Print Interface (PS805)
  • No Labrador software support

Available options: 805BS-B-19C

This indicator is compatible with all brands and capacities of load cells in Tacuna Systems’ catalog. Note that it must be calibrated to the paired load cell. Purchasers can perform this calibration with a known load (2/3 of full capacity). Alternatively, Tacuna Systems can pair the indicator with the load cell–select our Load Cell Calibration Service with purchase.

 Please contact us with any product-related questions.



ANYLOAD 805BS General Specifications

Enclosure Material Stainless steel SS304
Units of Measurement kg, lb, g, oz, lb:oz conversion
Working Humidity ≤90% Relative Humidity
Working Temperature -10°C to 40°C/14°F to 104°F
Dimensions (mm) 226mm x 76mm x 181mm
Dimensions (in) 8.9in x 3.0in x 7.13in
Display Type LCD
Display Digits 6 digits
Digit Height 25.4mm  /  1in
Display Dimensions 143mm x 41mm  /  5.6in x 1.6in
Power Supply B-17: External AC linear adaptor: 50-60Hz 100-240VAC to 12VDC 400mA (One piece, 2 pin wall adaptor, single power cord from wall socket to indicator) and Rechargeable Lithium Battery 7.4V/4000mA
B-19: External Desktop type Power Supply, 100-240VAC, 12VDC 2000mA, 50-60Hz (Two pieces, 1st piece from 3 pin wall socket to adaptor, 2nd piece from adaptor to indicator) and Rechargeable Lithium Battery 7.4V/4000mA
IP Rating IP66

805BS Technical Specifications

Division 1, 2, 5, 10
Tare Range 100% of Full Scale
Maximum Number of Load Cells 8×350Ω or 16×700Ω (through a junction box)
Maximum Power Consumption 10W
Excitation Voltage 5V DC ± 5%
Resettable Fuse Fusible Link (slow blow) 1.1A
Communication Interfaces RS232 and RS485
Backlight Display Always ON / Always OFF / Auto-off (10 sec to 60 sec)
Input Range Up to 20mV
Update Rate (Display Rate) 20ms or 50Hz
Print Interface Serial interface

Technical Documents

Data sheet for 805BS
Manual for 805BS
NTEP Certificate of Conformance
Measurement Canada Approval
CE Certificate of Conformity – Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
CE Certificate of Conformity – Low Voltage Directive

Tutorial Videos

Peak Tutorial Video
Count Tutorial Video
Calibration Tutorial Video



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