What Does the IP Rating of a Load Cell Mean?

All load cells come with a marking such as “IP57”. What does this marking tell you? This article gives a brief but detailed explanation of the Ingress Protection rating on all load cells.

illustration of an optical strain gauge

How Does an Optical Strain Gauge Work?

The optical strain gauge is a versatile alternative to conventional electronic strain gauges. Their construction gives them distinct advantages in multiple applications.

how to read a load cell data sheet title art

How to Read a Load Cell Data Sheet

Load cell specifications generally cover three things: (1) what output voltage can you expect for a given load, (2) how much error can you expect for a given output and (3) how to safely operate the load cell. This article explains some of the most common load cell manufacturer’s specifications.

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Choosing the Right Load Cell for Your Job

The key to starting any job is having the right tools and equipment. This is especially true for load and force-measurement applications. Choosing the right load cell is critical to obtaining high-quality, accurate readings. This article explains the ideal load cell choice based on tasks, size, orientation, durability, environmental factors, and required signal outputs.

Advantages and Applications of Wireless Load Cells

Advantages and Applications of Wireless Load Cells

The ability to transmit data wirelessly has become standard in most technology applications today. Load cell applications are no exception. Learn about wireless load cell advantages and available solutions.

title art for the article comparing strain gauges to piezoelectric sensors

Comparing Strain Gauges To Piezoelectric Sensors

Various industries have a need for weighing or measuring forces as part of performing their principal tasks. Strain gauges and piezoelectric sensors are two common transducer technologies that serve these industries.

Load Cell Minimum Weight title artwork

What Is the Lowest Weight a Load Cell Can Measure?

The minimum weight, or even change in weight, that a load cell can sense is important information when selecting the right load cell for a force measurement application. This article explains how to uncover this critical piece of knowledge.

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External Wiring in Strain Gauge Load Cells

Various issues relating to the electrical connections of a strain gauge transducer. Focuses specifically on strain gauge load cells. Compensating techniques for power can be applied to other transducers.

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