ANYLOAD MK4-563YHM4 Weigh Module Kit

The ANYLOAD MK4-563YHM4 Kit is a one-stop-shop for tank and hopper weighing. Includes 4 single-ended beam alloy steel load cells, 4 compatible alloy steel modules, one junction box, and 20m shielded cable. See the MK4-102EHM2 (alloy steel, double-ended shear beam) and MK4-563RSM5 (stainless steel, single-ended shear beam) kits for other capacity options.


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ANYLOAD MK4-563YHM4 Key Features

The complete ANYLOAD MK4-563YHM4 set consists of 4 ANYLOAD 563YH single-ended shear beam load cells, 4 563YHM4 stainless weigh modules, a J04SA-16 junction box, and a CB4 20m PVC cable (5.1mm x20m).

  • NTEP certified true shear beam load cells (from 250lb-20Klb & 200kg-5t)
  • OIML certified true shear beam load cells (from 1Klb-20Klb & 500kg-10t)
  • All load cells have CE, RoHS, and ExNepsi certification
  • “Jacking” capability for ease of load cell removal/installation
  • Uplift and overload protection
  • Allowance for thermal expansion
  • Top plate mounts directly to vessel/tank leg
  • Conventional wiring and color code

Available options: MK4-563YHM4-100lb, MK4-563YHM4-250lb, MK4-563YHM4-500lb, MK4-563YHM4-1Klb, MK4-563YHM4-1.5Klb, MK4-563YHM4-2Klb, MK4-563YHM4-2.5Klb, MK4-563YHM4-4Klb, MK4-563YHM4-SE5Klb, MK4-563YHM4-5Klb, MK4-563YHM4-10Klb

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MK4-563YHM4 Load Cell Kit Options
Load Cell Capacity Part No. Shipping Weight 
100lb MK4-563YHM4-100lb-S 22.0kg / 48.5lb
250lb MK4-563YHM4-200lb-S 22.0kg / 48.5lb
500lb MK4-563YHM4-500lb-S 22.0kg / 48.5lb
1Klb MK4-563YHM4-1Klb-S 22.0kg / 48.5lb
1.5Klb MK4-563YHM4-1.5Klb-S 22.0kg / 48.5lb
2Klb MK4-563YHM4-2Klb-S 22.0kg / 48.5lb
2.5Klb MK4-563YHM4-2.5Klb-S 22.0kg / 48.5lb
4Klb MK4-563YHM4-4Klb-S 22.0kg / 48.5lb
SE5Klb MK4-563YHM4-SE5Klb-S 22.0kg / 48.5lb
5Klb MK4-563YHM4-5Klb-S 25.0kg / 55.1lb
10Klb MK4-563YHM4-10Klb-S 25.0kg / 55.1lb
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