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The 106HSCP Stainless Steel Canister Load Cell is a rugged device that is designed to deliver accurate measurements. This load cell is constructed with 17-4PH stainless steel and it has a capacity of 35t. The welded seal and the IP68 protection rating of the 106HSCP enable it to withstand dusty environments as well as immersion in water. It is, therefore, a suitable option for use in both indoor and outdoor weighing applications. The 106HSCP Stainless Steel Canister Load Cell is certified by NTEP, OIML, CE, and RoHS. Without considering the mounting hardware, the 106HSCP-35t weighs approximately 6.9 kg while the 106HSCP-35t-FP has a shipping weight of approximately 9.3 kg. Furthermore, this rugged load cell can be used in weighing applications to replace Bilanciai’s CPR-M. Since 1991, AnyLoad has provided innovation and perfection in developing and manufacturing load cells, scales and weighing components for a wide range of industries and holds plentiful patents on load cell designs as well as international compliance certificates like NTEP, OIML, RoHS, NEPSI, CE and Measurement Canada approvals. Other capacities and configurations available – please contact us with any questions.

AnyLoad 106HSCP Canister Load Cell Features:

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Rated Capacities: 35t
  • Full Scale Output: 2mV/V ± 0.25%
  • Safe Overload: 150%
  • Breaking Overload: 300%
  • IP Rating: IP68
  • NTEP 1:10 000 Class IIIL, Multiple Cell
  • OIML MAA C3, Y=16 000
  • CE and RoHS certified

AnyLoad 106HSCP Canister Load Cell General Specifications:

Rated Capacity35t
Full Scale Output2mV/V ± 0.25%
Zero Balance± 0.02mV/V
Non-linearity< ± 0.03%
Repeatability< ± 0.02%
Hysteresis Error< ± 0.02%
Creep in 30 minutes< ± 0.02%
Input Resistance700Ω ± 20Ω
Output Resistance705Ω ± 5Ω
Recommended Excitation10V (15V Maximum)
Insulation Resistance> 2GΩ (50V DC)
Temperature Effect on Sensitivity< ±0.0012% of Cn/k
Temperature Effect on Zero Balance< ± 0.0023% of Cn/k
Compensated Temperature Range10°C to 50°C/14°F to 122°F
Service Temperature Range-30°C to 70°C/-20°F to 160°F
Storage Temperature Range-50°C to 85°C/-60°F to 185°F
Safe Overload150% of full scale
Breaking Overload300% of full scale
Seal TypeWelded seal
IP RatingIP68

AnyLoad 106HSCP Canister Load Cell Approvals:

pdf- NTEP Certificate of Conformance

pdf- OIML Certificate of Conformity

pdf- CE Certificate of Conformity

pdf- RoHS Certificate of Conformity

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AnyLoad 106HSCP Canister Load Cell Datasheet:

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