Featured Projects

Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Freshwater Snails – Dr. Paul E. Brunkow, PhD

Involved study of the hydrodynamic characteristics of freshwater snails using Tacuna Systems load cells and amplifiers.

Propellant Tank Mass Gauging Test Apparatus Development – Ted Agerton

Novel gauging method to measure tank fluids in space using Tacuna Systems strain gauges and amplifiers. This research is designed to be used in satellites and spacecraft propellant depots.

Effects of Military Load Carriage on Ground Reaction Forces – Zack Player

A study of the effects of military load carriage on the vertical ground reaction forces using Tacuna Systems load cells and amplifiers.

Neuromuscular Aspects of Human Movement Force Measurement – Dr. Brian Tracy

Course in the Department of Health and Exercise Science at Colorado State University which utilizes load cells to measure human muscle force.